Finally Peace

I have worked very hard on my life up to this point (this made me giggle). I wonder what that really means. Anyway I have many life experiences that have shaped me and allowed me to be on a journey for this elusive feeling of peace. Up to this point it truly has been a journey and somewhat of a push/pull and ego driven endeavor to become a person that my children (at my funeral) will feel in their hearts, that I was truly a good mom and person. My mom died when I was a teenager and I remember thinking, who are they talking about?? The perceptions I have of my mother where not theirs and so it felt false to me. I felt ripped off; jealous of something they seemed to have with her that I did not feel I had. I now know that is not the truth but at the time it was so strong. I vowed to explore and strive at being a better person for my kids and my future grandchildren. The dysfunctional patterns can stop, but once again I have worked very hard to change my character patterns. Have I arrived?? Well, honestly I can say I am done striving, or trying to arrive anywhere. It did serve me having to take this journey from an ego driven agenda place. Now I am ready to just BE.

If I died tomorrow would my kids, listening to people sharing at my funeral, agree with their perceptions of me? I am not sure that would be the case, but I am ok with that because it is their journey to figure out that it is all a projection. I truly feel love for them, from every cell of my body and heart.  I did the best I could with those moments in time. That my mother loved me from ever cell of her body and heart and did the best she could with the moments she had on this planet. So the letting go of what I “think” my mother did or did not do for me is a wonder filled gift I found within myself and I feel peace in the letting go.


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