Damselflies and True Nature – Day 1 on raft

I tie one end of a long towrope to my wrist and one end to the boat beached on the shore (no place to tie to the raft) and push off. My head, butt and upper arms are in some water, but the rest of me is pretty dry. It is 90+ degrees here today and the water temp is 76 degrees! Within a minute, a dragonfly lands on my leg, exactly where I have my dragonfly scar. I keep saying that I should get a dragonfly tattoo in that spot, is this a sign? I have loved dragonflies for a very long time and have always felt their ancient calling.  Anyway, another dragonfly dive-bombs that dragonfly and off they go. They seem to be very territorial. Another one (or same one) lands on the same spot and, this continues for a while. One lands on my right hand. I bring it up to my face and we stare at each other for a while. Their huge compound eyes are truly amazing! One lands on my right knee, then right big toe, right nipple, and finally left knee. Then two damselflies (they are different, smaller, and very delicate looking compared to dragonflies and when sitting still, their wings are together whereas dragonflies’ wings are straight out) land on my left knee and start to mate. They are an amazing beautiful light blue color. The male’s tail attaches to the top head of the female. Her tail comes up under her and attaches to his belly area. It makes a perfect heart shape! They stay this way for 20 minutes while watch, trying not to move. I was trying to be “one” with my surroundings and so this was very cool!


Many other damselflies land on my legs and stomach while this is taking place. Feeling at peace with life in this moment.


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