Day 2 – Floating on Raft

Back out on my raft today. Decided to change it up and lay on my stomach. I untied myself from my towrope to head out to the middle of the lake. I see one dragonfly zoom by but it didn’t stop to say hi, like yesterday. There are lots of water boatman, which are cool water bugs that zooms around in schools on the surface of the water, (note to self: don’t open mouth). The water is so calm today; the only ripples are from my hands paddling under the raft. I stop and just lie and float for a while; I begin to tune into being one with the water. My hands and feet are dangling submerged under the water and it feels like my limbs are nothing, just part of the water. When I tune inward or move my limbs it feels like something, maybe heaviness around them, but when I stop moving, they feel like nothing again. My raft has shifted directions and now I feel a sudden panic in my solar plexus. My head is still lying on the pillow turned toward the left of the raft and my eyes are just a fraction above the surface of the water. Something in my vision has shifted and it feels like I am in an illusion. I am lying still, but the surface of the water from this north direction looks to be moving very fast, like when you’re in in a car going down the road at 50 miles an hour. After the initial panic feeling, I sink into just being with this illusion. For the first time ever in my life, I feel that I can see that the world is round. Each direction is slightly different but has a curve to it and the sky looks like the water; and I feel like I’m in a dome. I spread out into the whole lake and float into the nothingness feeling, yet feeling connected to the whole Universe and this weird new dimensional feeling. At some point my thoughts float to, “you have no sunscreen on!” and my hands start to paddle me back to shore.



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