Stranger Moment via Plaza De Bolivar Bogota

In one short moment so much can take place. I meet the eyes of this man in this photo. In that moment what happened? A connection was made of curious inquiry on both sides. My initial inquiry to myself of what had this man seen during his life in this huge city of 9 million people? Bogota was once one of the most dangerous cities in the world and that was less than 20 years ago! I felt drawn to take a picture of him, in that moment, standing in this plaza square filled with pigeons and people. Surrounded by the architecture of very old governmental buildings and churches. Then in a split second my inquiry of what was his story changed on a deeper level. It was a connection of feeling that we were the same even though our actual lives were so very different. In that split second moment of eye contact I felt a perfect “being” moment of true connection.



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