About Wendy

Awakening to Presence Coach, Wendy Wagoner, has explored numerous avenues of disciplines over the last 30 years. She is an experienced, professional Awakening Coach, healer, and workshop leader. 

IMG_4995Professional Background & Experience

Wendy received her Associates of Arts at Northerwestern Michigan College in Traverse City, MI.  Her journey then took her to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to attend Lake Superior State University and to live for 20 years in the beautiful Les Cheneaux Islands, where she raised two children.

Wendy spent her childhood on the northern shores of Lake Superior.  From a very young age she had the sense of  the interconnectedness of all things. in her late 20’s she started her journey exploring her Native American culture as a Sundancer for 10 years.  She has a strong connection with Earth based healing.  She owned a business called Creekside Herbs & Art for over 15 years. Creekside was more than a retail shop, it was a destination and way of life.  Wendy had created, a spiritual and walking trail along the river, a variety of display and medicinal medicine wheel gardens, a sculpture garden intermixed with native wildflowers, and a place to come for a variety of workshops and festivals that focused on educating, healing, community and herbalism. She also worked for the Conservation District volunteering and working full time as a coordinator of Invasive Species, conservation, education and watershed issues.

Then her journey took her to exploring the The Course of Miracles and two intensive years of becoming a Breathe Practitioner with Creative Spirits Training. This training is based on the belief that ‘thought is creative’ and teaches a breathing technique as a tool to awaken and release emotions stored in the body.  Wendy felt that the training was missing a vital connection between mind/body/spirit believing all are interconnected and holding the shifts to True Nature.

The Universe then sent her in the direction of Michael Fleming and the school of “Awakening to Presence” in Golden Colorado. She completed her 7 year / 3000 hours of education and training in Awakening to Presence, a holistic approach to health and personal growth; integrating emotional and psychological process work, bodywork, energy work, conscious movement, and exercise; and has demonstrated a professional level of competency in supporting others as a certified Awakening Coach. She also completed 4 years of the teacher’s training Awakening to Presence program based out of Colorado and Pennsylvania.

She is currently helping with Awakening to Presence workshops based out of Colorado and Pennsylvania. Wendy has a private Awakening Coach practice in Northern Michigan.

She is excited to share in this awakening journey with anyone willing and curious to explore True Nature. She takes full responsibility for herself as a positive seed of light on this planet and would like to share in this amazing journey with others. She offers private sessions in person, by telephone or remotely, as well as, conducting workshops in Michigan, United States and internationally.

Awakening to Presence School
with Michael Fleming, P.T.

Our 7 years of professional ATP training covered the following:

Awakening to Presence (ATP) is an original approach to helping people release stressful beliefs, thoughts, and emotional and physical trauma from the body.

ATP was developed by Michael Fleming, P.T., and is an integration of multiple methods of life coaching, exercise, manual therapy/bodywork, and energywork. The ATP formal training and continuing education program is a multi-year, multi-dimensional study of many subjects, including the following:

1. Human anatomy and Physiology
2. Basic nutrition and exercise principles
3. Neuroscience and brain development
3. Psychology and early child development:
a. Attachment Theory (Dr. John Bowlby and associates)
b. Object Relations Theory (Dr. Margaret Mahler and associates)
c. Psychoanalysis (Dr. Sigmund Freud, and Dr. Carl Jung)
4. Body‐Centered Psychotherapy:
a. Bioenergetics (Dr. Alexander Lowen)
b. Core Energetics (Dr. John Pierrakos, Dr. Barbara Brennan)
c. Characterology (Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Dr. Claudio Naranjo)
5. Basic Methods of Personal Inquiry and Investigation:
a. Focusing (Dr. Eugene Gendlin)
b. The Four Questions Work (Byron Katie)
c. Active empathic listening
d. Inner judge work (Byron Brown)
e. The Diamond Approach (A. H. Almaas)
6. Bodywork Methods. Michael Fleming’s original ATP approach to bodywork, integrated with a variety of other bodywork and manual therapy approaches, including:
a. Direct technique
1) Rolfing/Structural integration style
2) Trigger point therapy
3) Deep tissue massage
b. Indirect technique
1) Cranial-sacral therapy
2) Myofascial technique
3) Visceral technique
7. Energywork Methods: Michael Fleming’s original ATP style of energywork, integrated with various other approaches, including:
a. Dr. Barbara Brennan healing science technique
b. Reverend Rosalyn Bruyere
8. Conscious Movement and Exercise. Michael Fleming’s original ATP integration of various types of movement approaches, including:
a. Developmental Sequence Exercise (Dr. Harry Royson)
b. Bodyweight Pilates
c. Continuum (Emily Conrad Da’Oud)
d. Chi Kung (The Pa Kua Chang of Park Bok Nam), various other martial arts
e. Hatha Yoga,
f. Cross fit
g. Therapuetic exercise, including Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

Michael Fleming, P.T. is an experienced, professional healer and workshop leader who has facilitated over 100 workshops on awakening in the U.S., Brazil, Mexico, and Japan.

1) Professional Education and Training:
Michael received a B.S. in biology from the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, and a B.S. in physical therapy from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. He has worked as a physical therapist in various hospitals, rehab centers, and private physical therapy clinics. He was a clinical instructor for physical therapy students and has attended a wide variety of continuing education courses and trainings on bodywork, therapeutic exercise, and manual therapy. He also graduated from the holistic healing science program at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in 1996, and served on the faculty there for four years. As a licensed physical therapist, certified in multiple bodywork and energywork methods, he specializes in the release of emotional and physical trauma from the body.

2) Personal Commitment and Passion
Rooted in an extensive lifelong personal practice in numerous meditation, exercise, bodywork, and conscious movement disciplines (including 20 years of internal martial arts/chi kung practice), he brings a deep personal experience, love, and understanding of the human body into his teaching.


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