Awakening to Presence Coaching

Awakening To PresenceAwakening Coach Session

In an Awakening Coaching Session I can offer to help you investigate within and find your own source of inner knowing, from which you can then sort out which direction is the true one for you.  Having someone to support you in finding your own clarity and inner knowing for any of your decisions is one benefit. Another area that a coaching session can help you with is learning how to release stressful beliefs and emotions you may be holding in your body. If this feels like something you would be interested in, I would be happy to arrange a phone or skype/facetime session with you.

This “awakening” is an organic, experiential journey of investigation into present moment orientation of ‘loving what is’. It is also, where you discover how old painful stories, stressful emotions, self-sabotaging habit patterns, and limiting thoughts and beliefs are held and stored in the body.   Together, we learn how these patterns adversely influence your health, relationships, and life.   Then, we can work to free you of any of these patterns of fear, stress, and tension. By going deeper within yourself and discovering your true, original nature, you will realize that you are not your painful story, but instead are something much more precious and magnificent!

As an awakening coach I have focused intention in staying present in each moment from True Nature as it expresses itself.  By holding space for you, I walk along with you without judgment, sharing your journey to an unknown destination, yet completely willing to go where you need to go.  I am willing to go there because I have gone there myself from my own intense 15 years of work at the Awakening to Presence School.  This secure space I hold for you, allows for what is true to come through your body as movement, sound, unwinding, emotion and /or pure energy.

As your coaching sessions progress, your True Nature starts to unfold as a brilliant multi faceted diamond.  Your emotions of worry, anxiety, depression, anger and other stressors start to fade away as you see them for what they are – NOT TRUE! It is a process of intention, trust, presence, and curiosity with a growth mindset!!

Discovering – Your True Intentions

Focusing- Self-Awareness thru Present Moment Focused Methods of Inquiry

Grounding – Felt-Sense into Body

Seeds with lightJourneying – Going Inward

Loving  – What Is in the Moment

Healing – Energetic Body Work

Under Seeking – Truth

Exercising– Conscious Movements

Breathing – Breath Exercises

Expanding – Into True Nature

Synergizing – Connecting the Whole

Being – Are you a Human Being! Or Human Doing?

Changing – Emotional Reactions to Emotional Responses

Uncovering – Your Authentic standings – AHA! Moments

Advantage of a Coach

Have you been on your personal growth and healing path for some time, but feel like you just can’t get past some of these patterns that block you, on your own?    Awakening to Presence Coaching Sessions are like having a personal trainer and life coach for you to find your way back to True Nature.    With high quality, attuned coaching and precise, body-oriented support, you can succeed in freeing your mind and body from patterns of stress and tension related to your history.   You can learn to be a truly relaxed and grow and mature into your full creative potential.

Our Values

:: We respect the intrinsic value and Essence of every individual.

:: We recognize that everyone who needs support is struggling with their old stories (beliefs) that are keeping them stuck and our role is to help them bring these stories into  integration with the healing of mind, body and spirit.

:: We value co-creation with our clients: the recognition that every part is equally important for the wellbeing of the whole.

:: We respect the absolute confidentiality of our clients.

:: We respect appropriate boundaries in the coaching relationship.

:: We recognize that the client has within themselves the knowledge of their true Essence, as well as the awareness of the obstacles and resources to live from true essence daily.

:: We place high value on the right of every individual to discover and practice living from a daily practice that will deepen their awakening and allow them access to it daily.

:: We recognize that actions are generated by both conscious and unconscious beliefs, and that our role is to help our clients bring them into consciousness.

Awakening is the process of deeply understanding the conditioned patterns of our mind and body that limit and constrain us, and waking up to our true essential nature on the level of Being.  It is an experiential journey that sets free the creative energies, awareness, and presence that are our divine birthright.

Essence is a term used to refer to pure Being itself, as well as the various aspects and qualities of Being that arise in our experience.  Nearly all problems and suffering can be traced to a disconnection from some aspect of divine essence.

Presence is the individuated awareness of Being that permeates our experiences of form (mind, body, and energy) but which is also beyond them, in the formless real of Being.


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