Healing Relationships

“The biggest disease today is…..The feeling of being unwanted.” Mother Teresa, 1971 If we are fortunate enough to have real attunement NOW in our lives, then we have a chance to develop new synaptic brain patterns. These new patterns that … Continue reading

Are You Asleep?

“When you do not treasure your existence, your life becomes a matter of merely surviving and subsisting. Life, then, is dead, superficial, mechanical, and boring because the magic of truth is not present.”

Facets of Unity ~ A.H. Almaas

What could the reasons be for feeling like we are just surviving or subsisting?
Deep down in our soul we feel inferior and so why even try to awaken if all we will find is this place of inferiority…
The hard part is going past this hole of inferiority to find what is the truth, we are beautiful, joyful, preciousness of pure Being.

Having an awakening coach can help us get to these deep holes. An awakening coach will hold the space that they know this truth (because they had to go to and through this hole themselves) and can help through the transition.

Are you ready to wake up??


Holy Love

Holy Love

” Holy Love is the heart of existence, and to really experience the whole of existence as heart necessitates having nothing held back in your own heart. ” Facets of Unity – A.H. Almaas