Awakening to Presence in a Nutshell!


The Ripple Effect

It is truly amazing to me to see how sharing our true essence “LOVE” spirals out in the Universe as a ripple effect. I believe LOVE is not something we get from the outside, but something we find from within. … Continue reading

Metaphorically, how could cells be conceived as miniature “people”?

Metaphorically, how could cells be conceived as miniature “people”?.

Healing Relationships

“The biggest disease today is…..The feeling of being unwanted.” Mother Teresa, 1971 If we are fortunate enough to have real attunement NOW in our lives, then we have a chance to develop new synaptic brain patterns. These new patterns that … Continue reading

Awakening to Presence Workshop

Awakening to Presence Workshop

Walk in the Truth

Walk in your truth Continue reading