Stranger Moment via Plaza De Bolivar Bogota

In one short moment so much can take place. I meet the eyes of this man in this photo. In that moment what happened? A connection was made of curious inquiry on both sides. My initial inquiry to myself of … Continue reading

My Bucket List


Sitting outside today on the island of Kauai, I had one of those “first moments,” where I knew that what I was experiencing had never happened to me before.   Enjoying the 10 minutes of sunshine that decided to peek out from the amongst the clouds, I sat outside after a long morning of flash flood warnings.  While closing my eyes, I visualized the vitamin D soaking into my skin.  My thoughts were interrupted by soft raindrops, yet, the sun stayed out in full force.  It was so refreshing and amazing to feel the rain while in the nice warm sunshine.  It was as if a blessing just fell down from the skies.

It instantly got me thinking about the bucket list of Jamie Sullivan, played by Mandy Moore, in the emotional movie, “A Walk to Remember.”  If you’re unfamiliar with the plot, Jamie creates a bucket list of experiences she hopes to accomplish before she passes away from leukemia.  For example, one of Jamie’s wishes is to be in two places at once.  

So, as my thoughts flowed, I started to make a mental bucket list of my own; however, what you will not find on my bucket list is the conventional, “step foot in every country,” or “go bungee jumping.”  Instead, I focus on deeper changes that will help me grow as a person.  Only then will I be more willing to jump off a bridge into the abyss.  Or not.

  1. Stop identifying with my old story and thoughts
  2. Love what is in each moment
  3. Surrender to trusting the Universe fully
  4. Continually know inner peace & share with others
  5. Break the dysfunctional patterns so my grandchildren can have a different experience of feeling attuned – a secure attachment
  6. Unconditionally love my children/husband/everyone
  7. Leave my judge behind once and for all!
  8. Travel and explore different cultures around the world
  9. Be real – so at my funeral when people are sharing stories about me, my children can recognize and feel nourished by these stories, and not say, “who in the world are they talking about?”

What would be on your bucket list?  Share – I would love to hear your ideas! Aloha!