Awakening to Presence in a Nutshell!


Freeing Yourself From ‘The Judge’

Workshop Event on Freeing Yourself From ‘The Judge’ – Facebook page – Seeds of Light Healing @Seedsoflighthealingarts Link to Facebook Judge Event Page One of the biggest obstacles to peace is the constant voice, or the ‘judge’ in our heads. … Continue reading

Traveler or Tourist?

It was a fascinating experience to be both a traveler and a tourist in Colombia. Before this trip, I had forgotten there was a difference between the two! Now, I remember why being a traveler is worth the effort. A … Continue reading

Stranger Moment via Plaza De Bolivar Bogota

In one short moment so much can take place. I meet the eyes of this man in this photo. In that moment what happened? A connection was made of curious inquiry on both sides. My initial inquiry to myself of … Continue reading

Human “Doing” or Human “Being”

“There must be more to life than increasing its speed.” – Gandhi Up until 7 years ago, I lived my life in a state of “what’s next?” No matter what I was “doing,” I was always thinking about what I … Continue reading

The Ripple Effect

It is truly amazing to me to see how sharing our true essence “LOVE” spirals out in the Universe as a ripple effect. I believe LOVE is not something we get from the outside, but something we find from within. … Continue reading

Do You Have Clutter in Your Life?

Are You Asleep?

“When you do not treasure your existence, your life becomes a matter of merely surviving and subsisting. Life, then, is dead, superficial, mechanical, and boring because the magic of truth is not present.”

Facets of Unity ~ A.H. Almaas

What could the reasons be for feeling like we are just surviving or subsisting?
Deep down in our soul we feel inferior and so why even try to awaken if all we will find is this place of inferiority…
The hard part is going past this hole of inferiority to find what is the truth, we are beautiful, joyful, preciousness of pure Being.

Having an awakening coach can help us get to these deep holes. An awakening coach will hold the space that they know this truth (because they had to go to and through this hole themselves) and can help through the transition.

Are you ready to wake up??